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Ever wondered why Hair Extensions are so popular? Could it be because it's ingrained in our DNA due to our ancestors rocking the hell out of Hair extensions!! No joke, hair extensions have been dated as far back as 3400BC among the Egyptians. Where they wore wigs, sewn-on hair pieces, and braids that were made of human hair and dyed sheep’s wool. They used resin and beeswax to attach the extensions back then. And believe it or not they had their creative colors then too, bright blue, red, gold were some of the most popular, in addition to the conventional black. 

The extensions among European and American women in the 1700s gave way for powdered wigs. A white powdered wig, called Perukes, indicated high rank or birth. When King Louis started turning bald, he started using Perukes because he didn’t want people to think of him as weak. The trend soon followed with the nobles. Both men and women wore extensions and their weaves were huge and like a beehive. Horsehair and frames filled with wool were woven into the natural hair, while hair extensions were built over the frames.

During the Romantic era, the fake hair swung into action with Apollo knots that had tighter curls attached closer to the scalp in mounds. Beginning of the 1900s, saw a weave called ‘Switch’, what we know as clip-ins, becoming popular as they could be easily removed.

By the 80s, hair extensions were pretty commonplace. Afro-Caribbean weaves were available in a huge range of styles, including the enduringly popular rasta-style dreadlocks. Stadium rockers such as Def Leppard and TV shows such as Dynasty made big hair popular again, and no self-respecting celebrity would step out the front door without a head full of synthetic extensions and industrial hairspray.

In the 90s, it was all about the coloured clip-ins. The hair extensions industry was so well established that options were available for women (and men) with any hair type, hair colour and budget. Want waist-length Rapunzel curls? No problem. Fancy pepping up your clubbing look with a few neon streaks? Easy. But the market was dominated by synthetic hair during this time, which quickly frayed and separated at the tips, leaving hair looking fake and cheap.

Today, we have found the balance of luxury human hair extensions and affordability, and with the presence of social market place we can tap into hair textures and hair types like never before, Brazilain Hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hairs with various lengths and textures like Straight, Kinky Curl, Deep Wave, Body Wave just to name a few. Our ancestors have nothing on us. While they started the trend our generation perfected it….Explore and wear your extension in style.

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